Collaboration within ENSI

ENSI offers more than 15 years of permanent project work in various funding frames. All of ENSI initiated projects have reached a high score in their final evaluation.

Each project is based on the interests of partners; it brings together experts from the field, project management and a double evaluation system (Internal and external evaluation). A project itself achieves the qualities of a learning organisation and is therefore an important field of practice.

Project work starts with a specific topic and its discussion in the frame of an ENSI meeting. The project idea is communicated to the ENSI network; interested partners are invited to join the development of the proposal. ENSI is coordinating processes and is preparing the application in close collaboration with the project team. The evaluation scheme is discussed and agreed already at the start of project work.

ENSI is supporting a project over its duration with management work and expertise. After the projects closure ENSI is taking over further mainstreaming and dissemination of the outcomes through ENSI’s information channels and events.