ECO schools

General Prescription of the Project

ENSI has according to the mandate given by CERI successfully supported school development and contributed innovative approaches to the teaching and learning process, providing real life experience to students and a focal point for teachers to share their lessons learnt. Today ENSI member countries are involved in establishing Eco-schools networks and in the development of quality indicators, award and Eco-audit schemes for Eco-schools.

ENSI´s role has up to now been to promote new Eco-schools, to ensure the quality of their development and to support Eco-schools in their self-evaluation. The next step should aim at a multiplication of Eco-schools which can be achieved through building an alliance with similar initiatives and involving the multipliers. Actually, for the next years ENSI plans to develop, test and publish methods for the teaching and learning process by a set of best practise examples and recommendations and to prepare a position paper which outlines the various benefits Eco-schools have for schools themselves, communities and governments.