School Development through Environmental Education

The SEED Network

ENSI initiated “School Development through Environmental Education” (SEED) as an European network (SEED Partners.pdf) to promote environmental education as a driving force for school development. SEED facilitates a close dialogue among policy makers and practitioners in the various education systems to foster innovative teaching practices and modern teaching and learning pedagogies.

In the frame of the COMENIUS network action of the European Commission, SEED undertook from 2002 to 2005 a range of multilateral school projects, joint research and development work.
The results can be used by SEED publications farther on this site.

The SEED conferences and workshops (see SEED Thematic Conferences) enhance face to face communication and virtual communication as basis for a joint progress of education for sustainable development in the national educational systems.

Most of the SEED partners are still working together now under the umbrella of ENSI, to learn from each other’s experiences and to accumulate their knowledge in working towards sustainable development. Because of the creation of SEED as former COMENIUS network, ENSI can encourage co-operation among European stakeholders by working on existing, completed and prospective Life Long Learning projects. SEED experience encouraged and facilitated the new Comenius network support in the initial stages.

The SEED booklets offer teachers and school administrators a range of instruments for action in schools and teacher education, rationales for understanding the concepts and reflections of educational strategies.

SEED Thematic Conferences

According to the contract with the European Commission, between 2002 and 2005 a range of conferences and workshops across Europe have been held to bring together teachers, teacher educators, school principals, national authorities and experts in the field of Education and School Development in Europe and beyond.


SEED-Publications A Database with SEED publications - available for downloading. read more SEED Partners All the Partners of the SEED network. SEED Partners.pdf